Check out Tim in action on his YouTube channel Polyglotpal. He also occasionally gives talks on linguistics -- for his latest speech (on the Indo-European family) see here

Tim speaks or has substantial familiarity with the following languages:

High Level of Proficiency
1. Arabic (MSA and Egyptian Dialect)
2. Persian
3. French
4. German
5. Mandarin Chinese
6. Modern Hebrew 

Low to Intermediate Proficiency
1. Pashto
2. Hindi
3. Turkish
4. Russian
5. Swahili
6. Japanese
7. Indonesian

Limited conversational and/or Reading Proficiency
1. Italian
2. Spanish
3. Dutch
4. Yiddish
5. Wolof
6. Hausa
7. Ojibwe 
8. Tsez (6+ months editing newest grammatical work on this Caucasian language) 

Dead Languages:
1. Latin (6+ years)
2. Ancient Greek (3+ years)
3. Akkadian (1+ year of University course; able to read Gilgamesh, Hammurabi and other works in the Old Babylonian Dialect)
4. Old English (intermediate) 
5. Sanskrit (basic) 
6. Old Church Slavonic (basic) 

Tim is always working on learning a new language.

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