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Timothy Doner
(contact information available by request) 

Language-Based Work and Business Ventures
▪ I run my own ad-based Youtube channel called “Polyglot Pal,” where I post videos of myselfpracticing foreign languages and promoting language contests
▪ To date, the channel has received 6.3 million views, while its accompanying Facebook fan page, “Timothy Doner - Polyglotpal” has close to 30,000 likes         
(March 2011 — present)

▪Brand Ambassador and Pedagogical Advisor at FluentWorlds, an e-learning platform that immerses users in 3D worlds to improve their language skills. I have helped design ESL curricula, pitched to venture capital firms and identified new markets    
(August 2015 — present)      

Let’s Go
▪Spent two months in Scandinavia as a researcher-writer for the Harvard travel series Let's Go. The 200 page-guide I wrote was published in the fall of 2015.            
(May — July 2015)

▪ Edited, glossed and proofread Harvard linguist Maria Polinsky’s seminal work on the Tsezlanguage, “Tsez Syntax: A Description” and catalogued recordings        
(October 2014 — present)

United Nations  
▪ Interned at the UN’s Verbatim Reporters Service as a translator and proofreader of SecurityCouncil documents in Arabic, English and French (completed work includes Security Councilmeeting 7178 on the situation in the Middle East)           
(May 2014)
Media Coverage
▪ I have done TV/radio interviews (in languages such as Arabic, Persian and Mandarin) for KatieCouric, The BBC, The Economist, The Today Show, Sunrise, CBS News, Al-Hurra and more
▪ I was profiled in the Google series “THNKR: Prodigies” in a video (“Teen Speaks Over 20 Languages”) that currently has 4.2 million views           
(March 2012 — present)

Print Media    
▪ I have been the subject of full-length articles for The New York Times, Reuters, The Guardian, OutlookIndia, The Huffington Post, NPR, The Osgood File, Tech Insider, 21st Century (published by China Daily) and others.           
(March 2012 — present)

Public Speaking Events
▪ Delivered the first talk at tech giant SAP’s “SAPPHIRE” conference in Orlando to a live audience of 25,000           
(June 2014)

▪ Gave the first presentation at TedxTeen in New York City. The Youtube video of the talk, under the title “Breaking the Language Barrier”, has over 1.1 million views           
(March 2014)
▪ Gave a presentation on language learning to Apple executives in San Francisco as part of apromotional event for the non-profit We Are a Family Foundation        
(January 2014)

Education: Harvard University, Class of 2018, Fall 2015 GPA: 3.9

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